Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Advent of the Killer

Dodong later heard on the radio that there is a storm approaching. Everyone seems to be scared that time. All of them, most especially Nana Miranda and Gerta are finding ways to escape but Eloisa didn't allow them to leave since all of them are suspects including herself. Eloisa suspected Gabby, who is carrying a gun but he defended himself that it is for their protection. Rigo tries to snatch the gun but he was hit by Gabby. After that confrontation, an anonymous person hit Gabby whom Eloisa suspected as the real killer. Jessie, together with Alex, hide in the room, where Amanda shows up to them. Amanda, who feels lonely at that moment, wants to take Jessie with her. In the meanwhile, Nana Miranda, Dodong & Gerta has separated their own ways. Nana Miranda remains to stay outside of the house knowing that Junjun will arrive to fetch her. Dodong meets a police mobile where he asks for help but the police suspected him as a drug addict and he was detained in jail. Gerta, who is asking for help, is the one who meets the real killer. Gerta is still able to contact Eloisa but even before saying something, she was killed by the killer. Gabby is able to wake-up and he recalls that the one who hit him is Junjun, who they now suspected as the killer. Junjun defended himself that he's just afraid Gabby might hurt Eloisa with his gun. After having a conversation with Gerta, Eloisa revealed to them that Junjun is not the killer.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

After The Death of Amanda

The Expectations of Eloisa

During the burial of Amanda, Eloisa expects Rigo to be on her side and to sympathize with her. The problem is, Rigo never shows his presence and never had a communication with her at all. In the meanwhile, Vicky would still do anything to catch the attention of Rigo. On Eloisa’s way, she saw both Rigo and Vicky kissing. Eloisa becomes angry for what she saw and so she decides to return back the ring which Rigo gave him. Rigo blames Vicky for what happened. The attention of Rigo suddenly focused again on Vicky who plans to attempt suicide. The mother of Rigo revealed to him that Vicky’s suicide attempt is not real and it is planned by his sister Rebecca. After that revelation, Rigo went back again to Eloisa and ask for forgiveness.

Atty. Guevarra, The Next Suspect ?

Gabby was informed by the police colonel that it was Atty. Guevarra who faked the DNA report and so they suspected him as the killer. Eloisa and Jessie were both invited by Atty. Guevarra, who takes them in his house. They are having fun when Gabby calls them and warns them to be careful of Atty. Guevarra.

The Real Job of Junjun

Junjun later fetches his lola Miranda, who is surprised to see his new house. Nana Miranda later discovers guns secretly hidden in the room of Junjun, who forces to reveal that he is working in a syndicate. Because of this revelation, Nana Miranda decides to leave him and return back to Eloisa.

The Death of Atty. Guevarra

Eloisa and Gabby pass by the house of Atty. Guevarra, where they are surprised that he is already dead. Because of what they saw, they did not suspected Atty. Guevarra anymore as the killer.

Nana Miranda, The Killer?

Nana Miranda returned back again to Eloisa after what she discovered about Junjun. Nana Miranda dreamt of someone killing her which frightened her a lot. Later, Nana Miranda is having some strange actions which made them suspect her as the killer. Nana Miranda is serving them dinner which they didn't want to eat, having thoughts that the foods she is serving has poison.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Amanda, The Fourth Crime Suspect

Amanda's Fall & Vengeance

Amanda becomes now the suspect and Almira’s killer. She was tied up in her room and through the help of Jessie, she tries to escape but Eloisa stops her. They even had an argument until Amanda accidentally bumps the candle of the altar which causes fire in the mansion. Eloisa was saved by Junjun. Amanda, on the other hand, had burns and wounds caused by the fire. They now live in another house that was also inherited by Eloisa from her mother Janet. Amanda, who is in the state of unconsciousness, was brought to the hospital. Amanda is still able to escape in the hospital and shows up to Alfie. Alfie have known of Amanda’s plan which he warns Eloisa and Gabby to be careful. Amanda stays in an abandoned house, where she did nothing to cry as she couldn’t be able to accept what happened to her. Amanda thought that Alfie is there to sympathize with her but after contradicting her plans, he hits and ties him up. Amanda also shows up to Jessie, who becomes scared of her face and called her a monster. Amanda becomes angry to what Jessie said and so she took the child with her. Eloisa have known where Amanda is staying. They had an argument again until Amanda accidentally fall down to the ground and died. While falling into the ground, Amanda strongly insisted that she is not the killer and that she would return back to continue her plans of revenging against Eloisa. It is already too late when the police informed Gabby that the DNA report of Atty. Guevarra is an ersatz report and Amanda is not the killer. Eloisa blames herself again and becomes guilty for what happened to Amanda.

Señor Edwin, The Third Crime Suspect

The Missing Evidence

Eloisa, together with the help of Atty. Guevarra want to open again the case of Almira. The problem is they couldn’t open the case again because the content of the evidence box became missing! The police had a record of details of the missing evidence. Eloisa and Atty. Guevarra went to the knife manufacturer and base on the record of its serial number, they founded out that it was Amanda Cardinale who bought it. Atty. Guevarra interrogated a police who revealed that it was Amanda who ordered him to take the knife from the evidence box. According to Señor Edwin, the knife which he used to kill Almira was Amanda’s gift to him. In contrast to what Señor Edwin said, Amanda says that she only gave the knife to him not as a gift. Eloisa became confused in these contradictory statements. Amanda finally reveals that she’s the reason why the knife is missing from the evidence box. But they are all shocked when Señor Edwin points himself as the killer. Amanda now realizes how much her father loves her for what he did.

Señor Edwin Surrenders Himself

Señor Edwin voluntarily surrenders himself to the police. Eloisa keeps on blaming herself that if she didn’t open the case again, this wouldn’t happen to her father, who is now at old age to be detained inside the jail. While Señor Edwin is inside the jail, Almira shows up and asks him why he killed her. Atty. Guevarra had a DNA report stating that the strands of hair founded in Almira’s body matches with Amanda. Upon the arrival of Eloisa and Atty. Guevarra in the jail, they are shocked to see Señor Edwin, who hanged himself.

The New Personality of Junjun

Junjun have known of Señor Edwin’s death through the newspaper. He still plans to return the mansion to fetch his lola Miranda, who becomes scared after Almira showed up to her. Because of fright, Nana Miranda decided to leave the Cardinale mansion and live together with Junjun.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rhodora's Mysterious Character

Rhodora's Hidden Character

Gerta, on the other hand, is eager to discover the hidden character of Rhodora which seems to be inscrutable. Nana Miranda reveals to Gerta that since Señora Allona’s death, Rhodora became to be an inconsolable person. Rhodora became faithful and loyal to her Señora Allona, who adopted her since she was a child and treated like her own daughter. Up to this present time, Rhodora still couldn’t accept Allona’s death which is the reason why she’s still mourning and always dresses in black.

The Death of Amanda's Cousin, Mariel

Amanda is burying something into their backyard, where she sees Mariel in a distance crying and bidding goodbye to her. Mariel promises Amanda that she won't reveal their secrets and also asks Amanda to take care of her daughter Alex. During that time, Mariel met a car accident after Janet showed up to her inside the car. After Mariel showed up, Amanda receives a report from the police that her cousin died in a car accident.

Rhodora Leaves The Mansion

Later on, the dog of Rhodora founded another evidence of Almira’s crime which is the ragged & blooded shirt in their backyard. Nana Miranda keeps the evidence but even before giving it to Eloisa it already becomes missing. Gerta have finally founded the diary of Rhodora which she is able to confiscate it and read it. Gerta discovers from the diary that is Rhodora who got Almira’s shirt. Because of this, they suspects Rhodora as the killer of Almira. Rhodora defends herself that she is not the killer of Almira. Rhodora also hates everyone for being so focused in solving Almira’s case and all she wants is justice for her beloved Señora Allona. Amanda then orders Rhodora to leave the mansion.

Feelings of Guilt And Jealousy

Señor Edwin's Feeling of Guilt

Señor Edwin feels guilty on what he did to Allona, his late wife. He recalls that he was the cause for his late wife’s death. After he saw Allona talking with another guy, he accidentally pushed her and fell down deeply into the well. It was only young lady Amanda who witnessed the accident. And because of her love to her father, Amanda revealed to the police that it was only an accident.

Amanda's Feeling of Jealousy

Amanda usually gives Señor Edwin bottles of wine in which Eloisa is not in favor since it is bad for his health. Amanda thought that in this way, he would be able to have her father’s attention. Eloisa asks Señor Edwin to control himself from his drinking habit and he granted her favor which made Amanda to be jealous again of her. Amanda feels that nobody loves her except for Jessie, who always to comforts her and wipes her tears.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eloisa's Men

After the investigation, Rigo invites Eloisa to go out together in order for her to relax. Rigo brings Eloisa in a yacht where he reveals his true feelings for her. Aside from that, Rigo asks Eloisa’s hand to be his girlfriend in which her response is “yes”.

After Junjun was discharged from the hospital, he looks for a job and later he is hired as a driver. His boss became kind to him and designated him to another job where he could earn bigger salary. But still Junjun becomes more confident now that Amanda would like him to be Eloisa’s girlfriend. Junjun would usually send flowers to Eloisa but he becomes disappointed when he learns that Rigo is now Eloisa’s boyfriend.

Rigo knew even before that Junjun likes Eloisa and they even fight over her. Rigo's mother is happy for his son but not his sister, Rebecca, who is not in favor of El0isa. Rigo's sister had a son, who is mentally ill and she's afraid that they might also have a child like his son. Rigo is also surprised by his ex-girlfriend, Vicky, who would do anything just to catch his attention and to love her back again.

Nana Miranda is also surprised by Junjun, who now dresses formally and drives his own luxury car. Junjun now reconciles with his lola Miranda and wants to take her to live together with him. Nana Miranda refuses to go with Junjun because she still wants to serve the Cardinales. Nana Miranda asks Junjun what is his job but he never replies.